Annuities — An Introduction

When you buy an annuity, you set up an agreement with your insurance company that creates your own "pension plan."

There are two phases of an annuity plan. In Phase One or the "pay in" phase, you pay the insurance company. In Phase Two or the "pay out" phase, the insurance company pays you a "salary" when you retire. (article continued)

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You can set up your annuity in a variety of ways. For example, you can give your insurance company a big lump sum at the beginning and have their financial officers invest the money for you instead of paying the company in a series of small payments. You can choose to take your payments in over a short period of time, for example: five years.

The big advantage of annuities is that you don't pay taxes until the "pay out" period.

There are many different annuity plans. The terms and conditions can be hard to understand. For this reason, you may need help from a licensed professional insurance agent.

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