Disability Income Insurance — An Overview
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Disability insurance can be just as important as life insurance when it comes to protecting your family.

Your chances of becoming disabled are actually greater than your chances of dying prematurely. If you cannot work because of injuries after an accident or because of illness, how will your family survive without your paycheck? (article continued)

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If you are self-employed, unemployed or your occupation requires that you carry a firearm, you may not be qualified for disability insurance.
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Disability insurance is designed to replace your salary so that you can hold on to your house and other assets, and keep paying your regular bills even if you are unable to work. One illness or major accident involving a breadwinner is often enough to push families into bankruptcy. In fact, medical bills and disabilities are the number one cause of bankruptcy in our country.

Many people believe that if they become disabled, they will receive money from the government. However, Social Security only pays out if you are completely and totally disabled and unable to work for at least one year. Disability insurance can cover shorter periods of disability.

How much insurance should you buy? That depends upon your income level. The more you earn, the more insurance you should buy.

A good policy should not have a long waiting period before your benefits begin. It should allow you to work at a lower level and still supplement your income.

How can you find a good disability insurance policy? In the old days, you would have to contact a variety of companies yourself and compare rates and policies. Today you can use the technology of the Internet to do this for you. All the companies that insure our clients are stable, 'A' rated American insurance carriers and we will find your best rate automatically.

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